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State of Chaos
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State of Chaos
State of Chaos
State of Chaos
State of Chaos
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State of Chaos (Chaos State) - immerse yourself in a bloody showdown between urban gangs, who are fighting for power in a tremendous city.

The first character, which you will get - a mad man in the mask. This character is extremely dangerous and is armed with a chainsaw. Here it is worth will go to the battlefield.

The battle system in the State of Chaos is not very unique: you are exactly like seen in a variety of toys. All the characters are divided into three types. Each of these classes has both its strengths and weaknesses. So it will be important to how the enemy you fight today.

After winning you get the resources and a new hero, who will be able to make a much stronger band. In addition to the main menu, you can "pump" his men increasing their performance and giving them additional equipment.

Attacking opponents, you get to add the indicator of rage, through which you can enjoy the unique skills of the characters. For example, you can throw a grenade or completely heal his wounded soldier.

Cool effects and realistic graphics will amaze you for sure


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