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Pocket Pool (Pocket Billiards) - lightweight digital version of the famous desktop toy.

Billiards is a well-known table game, and it has not lost popularity for centuries. However, the real game is quite complicated, it requires a lot of free space to install the table, and pleasure is expensive. But with the development of digital technologies, literally anyone has had the opportunity to test themselves as a billiard player in this irge. This will be an opportunity not only with AI, but also with real gamer gamers.

As you can easily guess, the mechanics of the game in the Pocket Pool are built on the principle of billiards, however the creators of the game decided to significantly facilitate the process and made it in the manner of execution of various blows. There will be strikes here as unpretentious as possible, as well as sufficiently invasive. Doing some will require you to dexterity, correct evaluation of the trajectory and, of course, understanding what is happening.

Advantages and disadvantages:

+ Comprehensible game mechanics;

+ high-quality graphics;

+ a variety of tasks;

+ set of levels;

- The most simple gameplay.


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