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Prison Simulator
3.33 / 3
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Prison Simulator (Simulator Prison) is an interesting simulator that allows us to try on the role of superior in prison. At first, only one building with two floors appears in front of us. The second floor is filled with cameras, and the first one will turn into a sewing workshop, thanks to which the prisoners will be able to bring us income.

We accept the first offenders and send them to do the work. It is necessary to ensure that there is no fights between the convicts and the level of discontent is not growing. It is also necessary to provide prisoners with food and, in passing, to lead the whole prison.

Often, we are treated with a variety of requests, among which will be the issuance of sharpening. We have to decide how to act in this or that situation, so that as a result we are in a winning position. So you can recruit people, so they inform us of the instigators of lawlessness, or send to the punishment cell a disobedient or simply useless prisoner.

In general, the gameplay is original and interesting, so you can quickly get carried away and not notice how much time flew by at leisure.

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