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Tap Titans
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Tap Titans (Tap Titans) - in the presented app we will meet many different monsters.

Initially, it seems that tappers do not represent anything special - you just need to click on the screen and earn at the same time currency, having fun in your spare time. However, the presented project is more than a simple casual game - here users are offered to enter into a fight with a large number of various monsters. Only a brave character with his big sword is able to prevent the spread of the Titans around the world.

The first thing you need to determine the user is to choose a name for your hero. After that, we'll see a winged monster with huge teeth and a big scythe in front of us. At first, monsters do not have a lot of health, so you can deal with them in a few clicks.

After some time, you can accumulate an amount sufficient to increase the damage caused by pressing, thereby speeding up the process of battling with more powerful enemies. Also, with the help of coins, you can buy new heroes who are capable of inflicting damage automatically.


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