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2048 Return and Classic
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2048 Return and Classic (2048 Return and Classic) is a fascinating timekiller puzzle, based on the mechanics of the famous project called "2048", but here users will meet their own features of the presented game.

Everything is clear: the playing field, divided into cells, is filled with multicolored balloons, the number of which increases at each our turn. The task of the player is to unite the one-color circles among themselves and to obtain new ones by such actions, according to the growing principle.

The more total points we get, the better for us. The game process is completed when the field is completely filled and no single free cell remains on it. If difficulties occur during the passage, then the user has the opportunity to reverse the game a couple of moves earlier, in order to slightly change the course of level development.

There is also another mode in application 2048 Return and Classic, in which it is necessary to combine the balls of the same color, reducing their value until they completely disappear. This introduction of novelty into the popular game allows players to try to pass the application on a different basis, which adds interest to it.

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