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Rube's Lab (Lay Down the World) is a bright paper puzzle application that introduces the user to Yolo - a funny rainbow spring.

The Magic Paper Kingdom was delighted with the appearance of two unusual brothers named Yo and Lo. They ended up among the first springs in this unusual world. After that, the brothers immediately went to explore the fabulous place. In the course of their studies, Yo and Lo met an unusual mystical tree in which the Lord of Darkness resided. The latter imposed on the brothers the curse of the triangle, because of which they became inseparable, turning into one being called Yolo.

The process of passing Rube's Lab is unique in that we have to fold a sheet of paper on which the path is drawn, so that our ward can move forward. In passing, the spring from the rainbow collects puzzles, which tell the greatest events in the history of the two brothers.

Also in the game process you can use purchased tips, teleports and boosters, which will help to overcome even the most complex and impassable at first glance levels.


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