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US Creator (Creator of the USA) is a quality puzzle in which you will see a practically complete repetition of the legendary game 2048.

From 2048 there will be only the basic essence, and so the creators have done everything in their own way with a unique style. Of course, the US Creator has a unique appearance. The essence of the application is that you need to carefully and competently think through each step, connecting the same plate. Still it will be possible some times, as well as in the original application, to cancel a course, or even to change a game building. This will make it possible to exist on the field of the game much longer.

Despite the fact that the mechanic 2048 does not give much room for maneuvers in terms of changes, the creators came very creatively. They changed numbers for buildings of different kinds. It is worth noting that some buildings will be recreated from the present, and they can be read about reliable information with a history of origin.

All buildings are built in the American style (which is clear from the title), so that you significantly improve your level of knowledge of the history of the United States.


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