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There is no game (This is not a Game) - a great "no game", where you simply will not have anything to do.

The name screams for itself, and even the creators themselves say that the toy is not particularly interesting and there is nothing to expect from it. But despite all the caveats, gamers still download the application in anticipation of something supernatural.

But, it's actually a high-end puzzle game, which for experienced gamers can turn out to be similar to Please, Don. The mechanics of the game are truly unique and unique. The creators made a lot of efforts to ensure that all processes in the game were connected by a logical chain. The application is tightened and can only be carried out in one breath. After passing through the level, you will definitely think: "What's happening now?" Gamera is waiting for a large number of all sorts of puzzles, the solution of which is very, very difficult. Since this is not a game, it will not contain any clues. To all tricks and subtleties you will have to reach you only at the expense of intelligence, experience of passing such toys and sharp mind. So feel free to click "download".


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