Fighting Champion -Kung Fu MMA

Fighting Champion -Kung Fu MMA
3.25 / 4
Fighting Champion -Kung Fu MMA
Fighting Champion -Kung Fu MMA
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Game review Fighting Champion -Kung Fu MMA

Fighting Champion -Kung Fu MMA (Boy King) - standard 2D fighting game where you have to fight the championship title.

No choice of hero then you do not get. All locations will have to overcome the same hero. He beat his fist, and can even use the three unique active skills. The powerful combo attacks, which will provide an opportunity to put considerable damage to the enemy, and drop it on the ground.

Once you cmozhete use a laser beam, and let the enemy something like a hot fireball. But it will not bring much effect and the opponent will get a minimum of damage. These skills will be consumed energy, which eventually will recover.

Total in Annex Fighting Champion -Kung Fu MMA is about 10 arenas. With each new location you will be getting stronger and more experienced opponent. No pumping system here is not provided. So to complete the game you have to become a real pro.

Sometimes location will meet the burgers, which will have to pick up before it will make the enemy, otherwise it will leave a valuable health.

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