Anime Fidget Spinner Battle

Anime Fidget Spinner Battle
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Anime Fidget Spinner Battle is a role-playing role-playing game in the anime style, in which we are to enter into a fight with the help of megapopular spinners at this moment.

By default, we have at our disposal five different heroes of the first level. Each character has its own unique spinner with a certain shade. Color is responsible for the element to which the spinner refers: earth, darkness, water, light, fire, and so on.

Battles are held in automatic mode: we only need to watch how the characters conduct attacks on each other. The chosen element determines whether we are going to win or lose. Thus, the water spinners perfectly cope with the fire, and the darkness inflicts maximum damage to the light opponents.

To win new heroes who will have a higher level, you need to spend a certain number of precious crystals. The latter can be gained during the battle or simply rotate the spinner in a special tab called "Home".

When you open new characters, you can take part in the battles of a higher level and, accordingly, get used to coping with serious problems.


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