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Backflip Madness
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Backflip Madness - In this game you have to make dizzying flips and make them a very large number!

The essence of this entertainment is as simple as possible - you just need to perform tricks from the category of parkour. And it's worth to insert a flip element in them.

At all starts of the application the gamer will have to watch the disclaimer, where the creators will opaquely hint that it is not worth repeating this in real life. But since the whole text is presented in English - there is a small chance that all Russian-speaking players will carefully read it.

The main menu will consist of various items with tables of the best gamers and competitions.

Do the tricks you will already at eight levels-locations, and to go further, you will need to do a whole series of beautiful and successfully completed jumps. The first such level will be the place of training of all athletes - the gym, where you will be told in detail about all the features of the toy and will give a try to make some pretty safe jumps.

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