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Super Arthur Adventures Run
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Super Arthur Adventures Run (Super World of Arthur) - an interesting and colorful arcade game project, in which the developers decided to take as a basis the story of the fearless Arthur.

Here the player is in front of his control of the pot-bellied Arthur, who despite his funny appearance can move around pretty quickly. Passing the location, the user selects coins and wrenches, with the help of which it is possible to harm the opponents.

Each level is limited in time, so you need to move as quickly and calculatingly as possible. Also, it should be noted that the hero must collect all 3 stars along the way, which are randomly scattered around the current location.

The arcade is like an old and very famous application called Mario, which is still very popular. Only Arthur here is not a plumber, but a mechanic. Bright and pleasant two-dimensional design together with soundly voice acting and animation create an unforgettable atmosphere of adventure.

The variety of game levels and their structure make the application moderately hardcore. And rivals, which differ in their characteristics, also make the passage more difficult.


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