Color Ball Madness

Color Ball Madness
3.11 / 9
Color Ball Madness
Color Ball Madness
Color Ball Madness
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Color Ball Madness (Crazy Color Balls) - very hardcore toy minimalist design that you will be able to tighten really long time!

The idea is very simple: you have a certain track, which consists of colored balls. Your goal - controlling the area of ​​the desired color, making jumps and to fall on the right color balls.

To do this, click on the screen where the bar appears to be responsible for the force with which the ball will fly. You choose how you feel right percentage and throw the ball forward. If it hits the same color, you get game points and a chance to continue on your way. Well, if on its color get does not work, you immediately lose.

As a bonus, in the air over a colorful alley will soar large rotating balls. If you manage to get into one of them, you will get bonus points.

In general, the application got very hardcore. You will be able to calculate the roll a few balls forward, but if you throw with all his strength, the help you can just luck. Graphics by an abundance of bright colors looks very impressive.

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