Plankton II: Spore World

Plankton II: Spore World
2.75 / 4
Plankton II: Spore World
Plankton II: Spore World
Plankton II: Spore World
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Plankton II: Spore World (2 Plankton: World Controversy) - Are you interested in microorganisms with their entertaining life activities? Do you like this otpravitsya neobyknovenny world and see how is life these interesting creatures? If both answers polozhitelnye, you'll love the android application called «Plankton II: Spore World».

Thanks predstavlennomu game project gamers will be able to not only visit the world of bugs, but also grow their own bacteria. Be sure that the miniature bacteria not sweet life is, because the Day every, every minute and second, even they have to fight for their small, but still lives. Here the struggle is presented very clearly.

So, running toy pervy time, on your screen you will see a blue screen. Initially, you have to pass quite slowly gameplay, gradually getting used to the controls and general game problem.

The main character is the most common worm, which gladly meets his maker. Now you together with your worm will travel a blue background, which is a vast ocean.


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