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Critical Ops (Critical Squad) - this is a cool online 3D shooter, in which you will participate in a confrontation between special forces or terrorists.

If the application gets a little closer, it will immediately become clear that the creators tried again to transfer Counter Strike to mobile platforms. But is it as simple as it seems?

To start playing, be sure to have a drink in the "Play Games". In the application menu, as it should be, you can set the settings for yourself, and even go to the warehouse and store.

Most cards in the game are designed for 20 players - on each side of the battle of ten units. But there will also be maps on which there will be an opportunity to fight 16 to 16 and 5 to 5. The set of weapons will almost completely correspond to what you could see in CS 1.6.

Join the game to online rooms very quickly, which means that just as quickly you will be able to determine the side for which you will play and begin to spive the enemy with lead. The gameplay is familiar to all old-school players. On the left are the indicators of armor and health, you can escape and shoot at the expense of the joysticks on the right of the screen.


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