Coin Dozer Halloween.


Coin Dozer Halloween. (Coin Dozer. Halloween) - slot machine simulator on the holiday Halloween. Complete the Sea stages, collecting all possible collections and get a victory over the world of the dead. The action of the game will take place in the same house where you have to throw the coins directly to the grave. The main thing that these coins do not fall into the pit, where they can hide and bring the monster. Pick up additional useful bonuses that will help eliminate or stop them at a certain time. In the game-designed physics, lots of beautiful special effects, lively music and cool gameplay. In the toy is also not one mode, or more precisely: arcade, game for a while and the championship mode.
The game will be pretty much every kind of evil! Vampires, werewolves, ghosts - this is only a small part of the devil's spawn, who will meet on your way. In the form of bonuses will feature artifacts such as pot witch, candy, candy. Finding them will increase the number of coins collected, the time for completion level. As you go from vas svoi will have the opportunity to improve skills, so your power by the end of the game will be times!
Do not let the darkness take over our world.


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